The SIGNATURE KS-2.0 is a very compact bi-amplified active nearfield monitor system with performances comparable to much larger systems. The SIGNATURE KS-2.0 is a high precision device with excellent efficiency and low distortion providing a very precise stereo imaging.

SIGNATURE KS-2.0 contains a 5” neodymium long excursion and low distortion bass cone driver (LF), a 1” fabric dome tweeter (HF) loaded by an advanced waveguide, two class A/B power amplifiers producing 60W of output power each with very low THD and IM distortion values, a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that gives an ultra-accurate crossover and amplitude response. An optimized FIR filter (Finite Impulse Response) ensures a quasi-perfect transient response and time alignment for an amazing soundstage.

Key features 
  • High efficiency
  • Low distortion
  • Precise stereo imaging
  • FIR filtering

Frequency response (1):  70-21'000HZ +-3dB

Phase response:350Hz - 18KHz +-10°

Maximum peak SPL (2):   113dB

Coverage : 90° conical


Low frequency:   5 inch, Neodymium long excursion, low distortion cone driver

High frequency:   1 inch dome tweeter, fabric diaphragm loaded with waveguide


Output power (low) (5):   60W RMS

Output power (high) (5):   60W RMS

THD, DIM, SMPTE:   <0,05%

Audio Input 

Type:   Analog Differential balanced input circuit

Connectors:    Female XLR; Male XLR loop

Nominal impedance:   10K Ohm

Sensitivity:   -10dBm, 0dBm, +4dBm (Switch)

AC Power 

Connectors:   3-pin IEC male receptacle

Input voltage:  230V nominal +/- 10%, 115V on request


Sampling rate:   96 KHz

Basic delay:   0.76 ms

Dynamic range:   115dB


Cabinet Size (WxHxD):   180 x 295 x 210mm, 7,5° tapered

Cabinet finish:   15mm plywood, rounded edges and corners, hard-wearing painted in white

Weight:   5.5Kg

Elements & Accessories 




(1) Frequency response: +/- 3dB, measured at 3 meters, on axis, half-space conditions -  MLSSA 1/3 octave

(2) Max peak SPL: Measured with music referred to 1 meter

(3) Crossover: Acoustical crossover frequency - at these frequency, transducers produce equal sound pressure level

(4) AES: Power handling is measured under AES standard conditions

(5) Power AMPS: Amplifier RMS output power per channel into 2 ohms, both channel driven