The DLA4 Compact Line Array Loudspeaker is a Light, Simple and Versatile product designed to deliver Great Sound into medium and even large venues. The two way full range Loudspeakers consist of 2 x 6.5” low frequency cone driver and 4 x 3,5” mid-high frequency drivers in a vertical alignement that constrains the horizontal directivity into a 100° angle.

The specific conception enables the DLA4 to reach 55 Hz without the need of a subwoofer and to deliver a flat frequency response up to 18kHz (+/- 3dB). The versatility of the DLA4 stand in the externally amplification possibilities. It can be used either in a fully 2 way active mode or bi-amplified with the SUB418-amp.

No compromise between size and sound, It’s just Small and Powerfull!!

Key features 
  • Compact cabinet, asymmetrical design.
  • Flat frequency & phase response
  • High sonic performance compare to other products
  • Extended low frequency down to 55Hz without subwoofer for AV, multimedia, and theatre.
  • Unique patent pending 3 points rigging system
  • High Power 2x 6.5” ND low frequency drivers
  • High Power 4x 3.5" Ful Range drivers

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Frequency response (1):  55Hz - 18'000Hz

Maximum peak SPL (2):   128dB

Coverage: Horizontal: 100° Vertical: Varies with array length and array configuration


Low frequency:   2x 6.5" ND long excursion, low distortion cone driver

Nominal Impedance:   16 Ohms

Power Handling:   250W RMS (AES) (4)

High frequency:   4x 3,5" full range driver

Nominal Impedance:   32 ohms

Power Handling:   150W RMS (AES) (4)

Connectors:   2 x Neutrik Speakon NL4MP (wired in parallel)


Cabinet Size (WxHxD):   280 x 363 x 280mm

Cabinet finish:   12mm plywood, black epoxy painted, other colours on request

Rigging:   Patent Pending Three Point Rigging system

Protective grill:   Removable perforated 1,6mm steel, foam cover

Weight:   16Kg

Elements & Accessories 
  • SUB418-amp
  • Bumper DLA4
  • AP5000
  • AP48M3

(1) Frequency response: +/- 3dB, measured at 3 meters, on axis, half-space conditions -  MLSSA 1/3 octave

(2) Max peak SPL: Measured with music referred to 1 meter

(3) Crossover: Acoustical crossover frequency - at these frequency, transducers produce equal sound pressure level

(4) AES: Power handling is measured under AES standard conditions

(5) Power AMPS: Amplifier RMS output power per channel into 2 ohms, both channel driven