The DLA6 is a compact 2 way line Array loudspeaker. It’s a light, simple and versatile product designed to deliver great sound into medium and even large venues.

The  two  way  full  range  Loudspeakers consist of 2 x 6.5” low frequency cone driver and a 1.4” exit, 3” voice coil compression driver  mounted  in  a  complex Audio  Performance  Wave Guide  that constrains the horizontal directivity into a 100° angle. The  specific  conception  enables  the DLA6 to reach 55Hz without the need of a  subwoofer  and  to  deliver  a  flat  frequency response up to 20kHz (+/- 3dB).

The simplicity of the unique patent pending Three Points Rigging system offers easy stacking as well as easy flying and fits in any situation. Setting up the array angle is very easy with the exclusive bended back plate. Angles extension:  0° to 8° for each DLA6 (Angle Step: 0.5° until 4°, 1° until 8°).

Key features 
  • Compact low profile cabinet, asymmetrical design.
  • Flat frequency & phase response
  • High sonic performance compare to other products
  • Extended low frequency down to 55Hz without subwoofer for AV, multimedia, and theatre.
  • Unique patent pending 3 points rigging system
  • High Power 2x6.5” low frequency drivers
  • Patent pending true HF wave guide

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Frequency response (1):  55Hz - 20'000Hz

Maximum peak SPL (2):   128dB

Coverage:   Horizontal: 100° - Vertical: Varies with array length and array configuration


Low frequency:   2x 6.5" long excursion, low distortion cone driver

Nominal Impedance:   16 Ohms

Power Handling:   250W RMS (AES) (4)

High frequency:   1x 1,4" exit, 3" diaphragm compression driver, loaded with patented waveguide

Nominal Impedance:   16 ohms

Power Handling:   70W RMS (AES) (4)

Connectors:   2 x Neutrik Speakon NL4MP (wired in parallel)


Cabinet Size (WxHxD):   730 x 180 x 460mm

Cabinet finish:   15mm plywood, black epoxy painted, other colours on request

Rigging:   Patent Pending Three Point Rigging system

Protective grill:   Removable perforated 1,6mm steel, foam cover

Weight:   25Kg

Elements & Accessories 
  • SUB6-amp
  • Bumper DLA6
  • AP5000
  • AP48M10 

(1) Frequency response: +/- 3dB, measured at 3 meters, on axis, half-space conditions -  MLSSA 1/3 octave

(2) Max peak SPL: Measured with music referred to 1 meter

(3) Crossover: Acoustical crossover frequency - at these frequency, transducers produce equal sound pressure level

(4) AES: Power handling is measured under AES standard conditions

(5) Power AMPS: Amplifier RMS output power per channel into 2 ohms, both channel driven