The MX12 is a 2 way passive coaxial system, composed of a 12” low frequency driver mounted in a B6 enclosure and one 3” diaphragm ferro-fluid cooled compression driver.

The MX12 Series has been designed for use with the AP5000 amplified controller. A wide variety of presets are available across the entire MX range providing the sound designer with total creative freedom for any conceivable application in theatres, clubs, concert halls, broadcast and multipurpose facilities.

Key features 
  • Coaxial design
  • Point source
  • High efficiency
  • Low distortion
  • Processor controlled

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Frequency response:   57Hz - 20KHz

Maximum peak SPL:   130dB

Coverage:   V 60 x H 40°


Low frequency:   12 inch

High frequency:   1.4 inch

Impedance:   8 Ohms

Power handling:   350W (AES)

Connectors:   2x NEUTRIK NL4MP


Cabinet size (WxHxD):   480 x 430 x 370mm

Cabinet finish:   Black polyurethane coating

Protective grill:   Removable perforated steel, foam cover

Weight:   19Kg

Elements & Accessories 
  • SUB800
  • SUB400
  • SUB3
  • SUB112
  • SUB118
  • SUB1
  • AP5000

(1) Frequency response: +/- 3dB, measured at 3 meters, on axis, half-space conditions -  MLSSA 1/3 octave

(2) Max peak SPL: Measured with music referred to 1 meter

(3) Crossover: Acoustical crossover frequency - at these frequency, transducers produce equal sound pressure level

(4) AES: Power handling is measured under AES standard conditions

(5) Power AMPS: Amplifier RMS output power per channel into 2 ohms, both channel driven